What is Showbox: Everything You Need to Know

What is Showbox? Entertainment is one of the most important aspects of life. To entertain themselves, people watch movies and TV shows during their leisure time. However, it is not practical to watch each movie in the theatre or purchase a subscription to every TV channel. Instead, you can use an application where you can stream all the movies and TV shows for free. One such application which provides with unlimited access to movies and TV shows is Showbox.

What is Showbox

What is Showbox

Showbox is a program which is dedicated to media streaming. It is available for smartphones and widely used by Android used. If ever you need an alternative to the popular Netflix or Hulu, Showbox can be your best choice. Well, some people consider Showbox other than the most popular ones. Why? Because there are some features of it that many media streaming platforms do not have.

Basically, Showbox uses the torrent links to stream any movie/TV show you ask for. Now, since we have brought up the torrent, it is important to know if using Showbox is legal or not.

Accessing Showbox to live stream requires you to have a stable internet connection. So if you are having a problem with your internet, you cannot watch fully unless you fix your internet or router first. You may also try to reset your password and change your login details because it might be hacked by the online attackers.

Is using Showbox Legal

When it comes to the legality of media streaming software, there are many debates that have been going through it. Some people think that this kind of program is illegal and may only cause harm to users. Others, especially the fans of online streaming are really trying to prove that it is legal and permitted. While few people just don’t mind the arguments and use them as long as they will not be in trouble.

Since using torrent websites to download media is banned in some of the countries, people might consider using Showbox to be illegal. However, there is no such law stating that using torrent links to stream media is illegal. Thus, you can take your call on whether to use Showbox to stream movies/TV shows or not.

To make it short, Showbox as an application is legal. What makes it illegal, is when people use it in prohibited acts like obtaining and distributing copies of TV shows and movies that are shown in Showbox. Just like when you try to hack Google Chrome, you actually not engaged in hacking, but you just found the easiest ways to navigate it. Learn more tips and tricks as we try to teach you everything we know about the tech industry.

Useful Features of Showbox

Here are some of the useful features of Showbox that you might want to experience when you use it.

#1. You can stream numerous movies and TV shows without any restriction. Showbox has a wide collection of shows (TV shows/movies) that you can enjoy anytime.

#2. You do not have to sign up or create an account on Showbox to stream movies/TV shows on it. Unlike other media streaming applications, that require you to have an account to access the contents, Showbox only needs to be downloaded on your smartphones. After it has been installed, you can use it right away without going through the hassle of verifying if you are a human or not.

#3. The videos can be streamed in high/low quality sending on your internet connection. Watching is more fun when you can watch shows in the high quality. In that way, you are able to appreciate the beauty of the story including its visual aspect.

#4. It is compatible with almost every operating system. You can download this app for your smartphones and start using its features. Showbox can also be available on your computers using any Android emulator you may know. It has restrictions whether you are using an older version or model of the device. As long as you have an emulator, you can run it on your PC.

#5. Showbox users can also download the videos from Showbox to watch when offline. There are times that we are having problems with our internet connection, and we can’t enjoy watching our favorite shows and movies. However, Showbox provided you with a special feature where videos and movies can be downloaded for offline viewing. This is just one of the perks you can get when you use Showbox as your media streaming app.

Now that you have an insight about Showbox, let me show you how you can download, install and use this application on your devices.

How to Use Showbox on your Device

First thing first, you need to download Showbox on your device to use it. You cannot access it on your web browsers, so you better find an APK file for Showbox since it is not available in Google Play Store. To use Showbox, follow these simple steps:

On Smartphones

  1. Reach for your smartphone and find the Showbox APK file you have downloaded. If you haven’t installed it yet, just click the file and tap the Install button.
  2. Wait for a few moments to finish the installation.
  3. After installing, an icon for Showbox will appear on your home screen. Once you saw the icon, it means that Showbox is ready to use. Tap the icon to launch Showbox.
  4. On the Showbox window, you can find the popular and most recent movies and TV shows. Click the show you want to watch and tap the Play button.

On Desktop/Laptop

Showbox for PC

Using Showbox on your computers will require you to download an Android emulator. So download first the Android emulator and the APK file for Showbox. After you installed the emulator, you have to install the APK file not on your computer but inside the emulator instead. To use the Showbox:

  1. Launch the emulator (e.g. Bluestacks).
  2. Find the Showbox you have installed. Just like on the smartphone, you can know if Showbox is ready to use when you saw the icon on the screen.
  3. Tap the icon and it will display the contents.
  4. Choose the movies or shows you want to watch and click the Play button.
  5. On the left side of the Showbox window, you have the options there if you want to watch movies or what is trending and newly released shows. The setting for Showbox is also located in that menu.


This is all you need to know about the Showbox app before you install it in your device and start using it. You will not be disappointed by the performance of this media streaming platform since it has a huge library.

If you have any queries regarding Showbox, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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