Features of Hay Day – A Fun Online Game


Hay Day is an online free-to-play mobile farming game developed by Supercell and published by Global Game Studio. Hay Day has been released for iOS in June 2020 and later for Android in June 2020. According to an August report, SuperCell made $40 million a year from its mobile games.

The plot of the game is to make money by producing the best farm for your family. To earn money, you must plant flowers and trees, harvest crops, and nurture animals. You will earn money if you have more animals on your farm than you can feed, clothe and train them.

You start playing the game by creating a new account with a free version. You can play hayday on your phone and hayday for pc. Once you create your account, you will receive a free Hayday Farm Game in your email inbox. After you download the free Hayday Farm Game, you can choose the type of farm you want to build.

Features of Hay Day

  • You may grow and create your own farm with your style and look.
  • You will have a roadside shop wherein you can trade your fresh goods from your farm to whatever items they have that you can use.
  • Be able to accept orders and fulfill them with your very own truck. And in the course of the gameplay, you can even have our very own steamboat.
  • You can also build your own dock and use it to lure fish that you can and sell for business.
  • In the long run, you can build the town and invite visitors to amaze them of how much prosperity you brought in since you started farming.

Things You Might Want To Know About The Game

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you can also download free versions of this game through iTunes. You can also purchase the Hayday Farm Game directly from the Hayday App Store. You can also purchase the Hayday Farm Game directly through Google Play. You might also want to go to websitepin blog to know more interesting apps like this.

Aside from earning from your own farm, you can get other benefits. You can receive bonuses when you buy certain things from their shop. You can earn coupons, which you can use in other sites. Coupons can be used to buy tickets for your favorite events. Another great feature of the game is that it provides a way for you to play with other players worldwide. There are tournaments to play in, where you can earn prizes by beating other players. And as long as you keep playing, you can earn freebies like tickets to your favorite events and stickers, which can be used on your Facebook profile page. and on your iPhone and iPad.

While the game may not bring in a big amount of money, it is still a good investment because you can play it for free. Plus, you can earn more rewards once you buy things from the shop. and get more free stuff like free tickets, free animals and items. if you play in tournaments.


This game has the ability to entertain you for a while because of its unique graphics and sound effects. It’s worth checking out because it’s free, entertaining and very addictive.If you are looking for a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon, try playing the Hayday Farm Game. In addition to playing with other people all around the world, you can also earn free things when you buy certain items from the shop. And if you don’t want to spend your weekend just playing, you can also watch other players play.

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